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Talking to "our kids"

How do you talk to teens and young adults about drugs and alcohol, about responsibility and consequences? How do you get them to listen and respond?

At The Chris Farley Foundation, we've found a way. Our Foundation has a link with teens and young adults. We share a love for Chris Farley and his legacy - a legacy of humor with a powerful message about drugs and alcohol.

We bring Chris's legacy - his humor and his choices - to teens and young adults and inspire them to think. laugh, and live responsibly when it comes to drugs and alcohol. They relate to our message and our humor the way they related to Chris and his comedy. They relate and they respond.

Empowering today's "kids"

We know it's not enough simply to be funny and advocate responsibility. If teens and young adults respond to our message, we need to offer them tools and empower them to make responsible choices about drugs and alcohol.

Our motto, "Think. Laugh. Live", works because it combines message with practice. The tools are built-in. In everything we do - our events, our materials, our promotions, - we teach and inspire our audiences to think, laugh and live.