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Is the foundation a nonprofit organization?
Yes. The foundation is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code

Can I raise money for the foundation?
Yes. We are grateful for the support of people throughout the country who raise money for us through benefit, auctions, marathon sponsorships, events, etc. Please include basic information about your event when you send us the funds you've raised. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we have a small staff and there are many generous people who want to support our efforts, we are unable to provide direct logistical or personnel support outside of the fundraising event organized in-house.

What kind of fundraisers have you held?
We have been - and will likely continue to be - the beneficiary of several kinds of fundraisers, including movie premiers, benefit dinners, comedy shows, and other events.

Can I come to a fundraiser?
When a fundraiser is open to the general public, we make every effort possible to alert members of the local community and others who might be interested in attending. We are rarely able to offer free admission or to otherwise subsidize those who wish to attend.

Can I volunteer?
Because we are a small office it is difficult to accommodate all the wonderful, enthusiastic people who want to give their time and energy to our cause. However, we do recommend that those who want to volunteer consider seeking out local coalitions that are focused on substance abuse. For more information please see the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) website at

Can I make a donation in honor or in memory of someone?
Absolutely. For more information, see the Donations section of our website.

Do you offer Grants?
The foundation is primarily focused on creating meaningful messages and communications programs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any funding to other organizations. At times we able to help organizations in raising funds and awareness by participating in their events, as is logistically possible.

Is the Farley family able to speak at my event or school?
The foundation makes every attempt to consider all requests for speakers. However, because we have limited resources - and because Chris's family has other commitments - we unfortunately cannot respond to every request for speakers or appearances.

Can the foundation send me photos of Chris?
The key source of support for the foundation remains Chris's huge fan base, for which we are very grateful. However, the main focus of the foundation remains in helping to prevent substance abuse, and not in Chris's career. Further, neither the foundation nor Chris's family has the rights to many of the images and characters that Chris created and is best remembered.