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With a captive audience, our special brand of humor, and a groundswell of support from the entertainment community, The Chris Farley Foundation has demonstrated the powerful impact that our name has among kids, teens, and young adults.

In high schools and on college campuses, our messages have demonstrated a unique ability to "open eyes and ears".

Our goal is to leverage this ability to capture the attention of our audiences. To achieve this, we will seek partnerships with prevention experts, state and government agencies, schools, parents, and community coalitions who will work with us to develop the following three core programs:

Speaking Tours

The Foundation has been "on the road" delivering its messages to colleges and high schools at various speaking engagements. Future plans call for preparing a short video and a pre-packaged version of our presentation for broader distribution.

Public Service Campaign

The Foundation will establish a comprehensive public awareness campaign that will include public service announcements that will run nationally, a resource-filled website, and printed material for general distribution.

The public service announcements will developed for all media - broadcast, print, and radio.

Campus and Community Events

The Foundation is currently preparing to pilot a signature campus event celebrating the college life while showcasing our Think. Laugh. Live message. Our philosophy is to use humor as a means of communication.