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Telling the story of Chris and his struggles has been the heart and soul of The Chris Farley Foundation. Since launching its national brand campaign in 2002 the Foundation has experienced a hugh increase in awareness over a very short time period. With that awareness has come many more requests to address schools and community groups across the country.

To date the Foundation has traveled to over seven states, with donations helping to fund travel and the developement of a very well received multi-media presentation.

The first major project of the Foundation was the production of two award-winning PSA commercials. The Foundation's goal was to demonstrate its ability to capture the attention of its target audience.

One PSA showcased the Foundation's concept of using humor to deliver substance abuse messages. The second featured current cast members of Saturday Night Live delivering a simple message on making the right choices, and to "Think. Laugh. Live."

The PSAs were accepted by the Media Match program of the Office of National Drug Control Policy's Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, and broadcast nationally over a six month period.

The Chris Farley Foundation, in its name alone, had a very unique asset in its ability to capture the attention of teens and young adults. To leverage this wide recognition and to deepen its impact, the Foundation redeveloped its brand image to better reflect its values and mission.

The website design was changed, using colors that were loud and bold (like Chris!). Our motto of Think. Laugh. Live. helped describe our mission, while our logo -- an empty spotlight -- implied an entertainment connection, but with "something missing".

The "Chris Farley" brand has helped establish the Foundation in a very short time as offering something different. It has also demonstrated its proven ability to get kids attention.

The benefits of this have been wide spread. The Foundation realized that many good organizations and community groups did not possess this level of awareness, or the ability to immediately grab attention. Our goal therefore has been to seek partnerships with these groups and share our key assets and communication skills. The result has been that donations have a achieved a deeper, more far reaching impact through this unique collaboration.