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About the Foundation

Extensive research during the past two decades has identified a number of prevention strategies that reduce drug use, even among those at high risk. These strategies share a common goal: they strengthen "protective factors" -- social skills, family bond, school, and community involvement while reducing "risk factors" such as lack of parental guidance, school failure, and substance abuse in their environment. Research has also pointed out the importance of "resilience" among young people in who are able to resist drugs.

Within this framework, The Chris Farley Foundation will work to:

  • Disseminate developmentally appropriate information through the use of comedy.
  • Teach children that using drugs is not the norm.
  • Provide a clear, consistent social message that teen alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use is harmful and unacceptable
  • Create appropriate approaches to dealing with the different cultural, gender and age needs. of the target audience
  • Create a model for "outside of school" comedy-related programs and mentoring efforts.
  • Promote participation in comedy-based programs.
  • Help kids and young adults identify internal and external pressures, including peer pressure.
  • Help kids develop personal, social, and refusal skills to resist these pressures.
  • Strengthen "positive factors" such as personal and social skills.
  • Address the social risk factors that lead kids and young adults to substance abuse.
  • Address the factors necessary to enhance resilience and promote individual strengths.