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About the Foundation

The Chris Farley Foundation was created by the immediate family of the late comic actor, Chris Farley.

It began as a channel for our own grief and bewilderment at the loss of a son and brother.

As family members - aware that our own tragic loss was shared by thousands of Chris' fans around the country - we began paying visits to kids in schools. One classroom at a time, we sat down with groups of kids and simply told Chris' story: "Our brother was a funny, smart, popular guy who had everything in the world going for him. Everybody loved him. He was a riot and he was a really great guy. One day he made a bad choice, he started using drugs. And once Chris started, he found he didn't know how to stop. Eventually, he sought all kinds of help, went in and out of every program with an ounce of promise. Ultimately, the drugs killed him. And the laughter stopped."

With the telling of that story, The Chris Farley Foundation came into being.