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Chris Farley, one of the most popular comic actors in the world, died of the effects of substance abuse at the age of 33. Chris's battle with drugs, his memory and his humor are at the heart of The Chris Farley Foundation. We want to reach Chris's audience - teens, high school students and young adults. We want to talk about the dangers of drugs with honesty and credibility. And we want to do it - as Chris would have - with humor.

The Chris Farley Foundation is dedicated to:

  • Educating the next generation about the risks and dangers of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Communicating relevant information to teenagers
  • Achieving maximum effectiveness by employing comedy to reach our audience

The Chris Farley Foundation wants to challenge and empower kids to respond differently when confronted by pressure from their peers to use drugs and alcohol. We want them to THINK. LAUGH. LIVE.

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